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What is a micro-needle technology

What is a micro-needle technology

Transdermal drug delivery is limited by the extraordinary barrier properties of the stratum corneum, the outer 10-15 mm of skin. Conventional needles inserted across this barrier and into deeper tissue effectively deliver drug, but can lead to infection and cause pain, thereby reducing patient compliance.


Advantages of Microneedles

  1. The major advantage of microneedles over traditional needles is, when it is inserted into the skin it does not pass the stratum corneum, which is the outer 10-15 μm of the skin.5 Conventional needles which do pass this layer of skin may effectively transmit the drug but may lead to infection and pain. As for microneedles they can be fabricated to be long enough to penetrate the stratum corneum, but short enough not to puncture nerve endings. Thus reduces the chances of pain, infection, or injury.
  2.  By fabricating these needles on a silicon substrate because of their small size, thousands of needles can be fabricated on a single wafer. This leads to high accuracy, good reproducibility, and a moderate fabrication cost.
  3. Hollow like hypodermic needle; solid—increase permeability by poking holes in skin, rub drug over area, or coat needles with drug .
  4. Arrays of hollow needles could be used to continuously carry drugs into the body using simple diffusion or a pump system.
  5. Hollow microneedles could be used to remove fluid from the body for analysis – such as blood glucose measurements – and to then supply microliter volumes of insulin or other drug as required .
  6. Immunization programs in developing countries, or mass vaccination or administration of antidotes in bioterrorism incidents, could be applied with minimal medical training.
  7. Very small microneedles could provide highly targeted drug administration to individual cells.
  8. These are capable of very accurate dosing, complex release patterns, local delivery and biological drug stability enhancement by storing in a micro volume that can be precisely controlled.

Question 1: what do you think it’s better when gardening, the leaves or the roots?

Answer: of course the root.

Ah, yes, the traditional skin care products like watering the leaves just gardening the flower’s leaves, but use microneedle is taking care of your skin from the root.


Question 2: for example, reversed from 40 age

If had microneedle treatment from 40 years, and you skin still as young as 40 years old when you’re 43 years old.


Question 3: increase your cells.
For example, when you were young, there’re 5000 cells on your face. But the cells would reduce when you’re getting older, there’re only 2000 cell be left. By microneedle technology, we help you increase 1000 cell into your skin, no matter how, 3000 cells of the skin must be better than you’re now only 2000 cells.



Question 4: Car Engine

Q: I ask you a question, if a car can not move, what do you think cause this problem: the surface of car, or the engine?

A: The reason is certainly cause by the engine.

Q: Ah, we have the same question for skin. When the surface of skin have problem, it must be something wrong with our cells. Just like to start the car, it must resolve engine problems, so our skin also needs to be solve by our cellular aging.