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What is the Korean Semi-permanent Makeup?

What is the Korean semi-permanent makeup?

Korean semi-permanent makeup is a newly developed type of makeup, its efficacy and safety have been verified. The pigment use during the Korean semi-permanent makeup process, which approved by the US FDA. Since most of the coloring materials are extracted from natural raw materials, it doesn’t cost any complication or adverse reactions. It usually takes twice to finish the semi-permanent makeup.

Semi-permanent makeup which is different than tattooing, the color usually fade out naturally after one to two years. After a year of two, you can retouch with the natural pigments again. The idea of Korea Semi Permanent make up is to filled into your skin with the natural pigments from plants, it is also refer to the term “micro pigment implantation”.  It is different than regular make up, it doesn’t easily be wiped by water or sweats because the natural pigment colors are implanted into the epidermis layer of the skin.

This method is a new concept designed for those who are had allergies to make up or women who doesn’t have time for makeup. As well as those who had scars on their faces, semi-permanent makeup also covers unwanted scars. Korea Semi Permanent Makeup makes a great sensation in the world.

In addition to the significant advantages of the semi-permanent make up, it also covers inappropriate tattoos with natural pigments. It will last about one to two years, and it fades out due to metabolism of the skin cells, dead cells shedding off as well as the color fades along with, so it is 100% safe.

Korean Semi-Permanent makeup is divided into four categories, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip and hair line. Compares to the traditional semi-permanent makeup, the Korean style seems to look more natural like you are born with it, and the style is more suitable for Asian people, since K-pop has become a big hit in Asia now days, especially the Korean style of make up and fashion style, Korean semi-permanent makeup also suits K-pop style well as any other style. It makes women look more gentle and beautiful.


Vani Beauty (Grandway Derma) has been developed a nano technology nano needle cartridge for Korean semi-permanent makeup. It’s easy for all kinds of semi-permanent makeup treatment, such as Korean Semi-Permanent makeup eyebrow, Korean Semi-Permanent makeup eyebrow, Korean Semi-Permanent makeup eyebrow, etc.