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Stainless Needle Derma Roller

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600 Needle Derma Roller




  • Description:

    This model has the most advanced meso-rolling technology with replaceable heads with 600 needles!


  • Disk Needle care is the most advanced meso-rolling therapy which helps natural collagen and elastin production and improves active ingredient delivery for skin rejuvenation, depigmentation, minor scar removing and other skin refining.

    The independent moving disks and rotating head leaves you less scratch or scar. 


    Special features of DNC products

    1. Hygienic: Gamma ray sterilization, vacuum sealing, and medical stainless steal

    2. 600 disk needles: 3 times more needles than other meso-rollers

    3. Replaceable head: Replace new head after treatment

    4. Disk base needles: No needle falling less risk of scratch

                               No chemical adhesive less risk of allergy

    5. No scratch: Head and disks moves along with face curve

          Separated disks move one by one

          360° rotating head


    Scope of Application

    Skin rejuvenation (firming, wrinkle)


    Repairing (acne, burn)



    Hair re-growth


    mirco needle roller, beauty roller, derma roller