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Stainless Needle Derma Roller

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600 Stainless Steel Needle Derma Roller



 Has the most advanced meso-rolling technology with replaceable heads with 600 needles!



The world most innovative meso-roller with 600 disk needles and cushion head for painless skin and hair care at home.(WORLDWIDE FIRST) 

The world most innovative and superior meso derma roller with 600 disk needles and cushion head for painless skin and scalp care at home- for skin rejuvenation, whitening, repairing, de-pigmentation, hair re-growth 

What has been the biggest obstacle of meso-rolling treatment?

It is pain that has been the biggest obstacle of meso-rolling treatment. Even though the availability of many meso- rollers in the market has already proven the efficacy of meso-rolling treatment, consumers have been reluctant to use meso-rollers because of pain they have to endure.    


What differentiates C0003/C0004 Derma Roller from other meso-rollers?

1. No pain:  innovative technology of applying germanium component containing silicon rings performs a cushioning effect as well as the level of pressure that consumers can control minimizes pain during treatment. C roller can smoothly turn on pivot according to skin curvature.

2. Adjustable length of disk needle: length of disk needles can be freely adjusted by pressure that consumer holds depending on the treated area of sensitivity or individuals tolerance level. 3. No fear of needle: this consumer-friendly made roller gives no fear of using needle for skin or scalp hair treatment due to hidden needles within silicon rings when not using, thus it allows wide range of consumers to easily use with their cosmetics.


Disk Needle care is the most advanced meso-rolling therapy which helps natural collagen and elastin production and improves active ingredient delivery for skin rejuvenation, depigmentation, minor scar removing and other skin refining.

The independent moving disks and rotating head leaves you less scratch or scar.