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Derma Stamp

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140 Needles Derma Stamp Specialists Sterile Skin Needing


1. 140 medical needle;

2. new design;

3. CE;

4. OEM is welcome

Brief Introduction:


The Derma Stamp is specifically designed to benefit all types of scars and scarring, reducing their appearance by up to 70%. Such results are only normally associated with often invasive and expensive conventional cosmetic treatments. White Lotus offer a pain free and skin-friendly, natural alternative. The Derma Stamp works by providing localised stimulation to a specific area to break up scar tissue, induce collagen and stimulate blood flow to regenerate the skin. We recommend the Derma Stamp be used with our natural serums and sprays e.g. Scar Serum or Cellulite and Stretch Mark Serum which contain tailored, active ingredients to assist the regeneration process. The concentrated stimulation the Derma Stamp achieves can also be very beneficial for treating hair loss if you have long hair or localised baldness. Use with our Hair restoration spray and see the results grow. For the best all round treatment of for example, scarring, we recommend alternating the White Lotus Derma Stamp with our Lotus Roller skin needling roller.


The Scar Derma Stamp is a premium product brought to you by Anti Aging the skin needling specialists.

The dermastamp is ideal for small isolated scars that are hard to access with the Lotus Roller or where intense stimulation is required in a concentrated area.

The Dermastamp works to alleviate scars in three ways

1. The mechanical stimulation of the stamp breaks down the knotted collagen bundles in the scar. The process of skin needling also increases the production of collagenase a group of enzymes that break down misaligned scar tissue

2. Skin needling creates a complete new layer of collagen to replace the damaged scar tissue producing smoother skin.

3. The dermastamp dramatically increases the absorption of the White Lotus Scar serum which helps renew skin cells in the area.



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