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Photon Meso Roller

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New Design Photon Led Derma Roller with Vibration Photon Light


2012 new design photon led derma roller micro needle skin therapy with vibration

Current Intensity Display Light

Vibration Function Start/Pause

Galvanic Intensity Press Button

Galvanic Weaken Press Button

Roller Protecting Cover

DNS BIO Galvanic Roller Head

Roller mounting board

LED therapy

Double AAA Battery Position

Battery Cover

New Design Photon Led Derma Roller with Vibration Photon Light

Basic Operation of Instrument
1. Insert two AAA batteries, the "positive and negative" pole should accordance to the instruction of handle.
2. Select the desired roller head and assemble it into the handle, then remove the cover.
3. Adjust the electric energy bionic intensity.
Press 3 to adjust the Bionic of biological electric energy intensity, 5 models of intensity will be from small to large which can be adjusted to suitable models according to guests’ requirements; According to the clinic trial, the models from 1 to 3 files that are more suitable for facial care, body care and can be used four or five files, the actual situation to be determined upon experience. Press button 4, Bionic electric energy by weak degree of regulation.
Bio-electric energy indicator corresponding to the light color and intensity:
LED: light green light for the bio-electric energy No. 1 model; deep green of Nio.2 model; light red for No.3 model; red No. 4 model; Deep red No.5 model.
4. Starts vibrating massage button.
Press 2 to start vibrating massage function, were divided into three models, vibration massage strength key to cycle key, they are 1,2,3 and stop, clinical outcome: Intensity 1 is more appropriate facial care, body care file can be used to intensity 2 and 3 , the specific circumstances of the actual needs of each guest's skin under the circumstances.
5.The optical output of the start of treatment, or bio-electric energy vibration massage function are beginning work no matter start which function of both of them.
Note: Start biological energy and vibration massage feature, you must first start after the start of biological energy vibration massage function.

Principle and Effectiveness

First, Optical Therapy

The theoretical basis of Optical Therapy is biological tissues absorb light energy and light energy into heat energy and chemical energy, resulting in the human body produce a series of chain reactions, summed up in four types: light-induced decomposition of the light-induced oxidation, light-induced sensitization of polymerization and light, produced by different wavelengths of light have different biological effects:

1. 405nm blue light to eliminate acne inflammation, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, inhibiting the secretion of sebum, anti-aging effects, but also make your skin soft and smooth, white charming!
Scope: Treatment of acne, acne, acne and other skin.
2. 633nm high-energy narrow-band red light can accelerate the healing of minimally invasive surface; the human muscle and skin cells to 5 times than the normal rate of growth, increased endurance and resistance to fatigue, promote cell metabolism.
Scope: anti-aging, wrinkle repair and restore skin elasticity.

3. 590nm yellow supplements cellular energy, and promote the role of the glands, digestive aid, treatment of skin diseases, strengthening the immune system.
Scope: shrink pores, dull skin repair, improve rough skin, redness and other skin.

4. 518nm with a balance of green cured swollen detoxification, calm the skin effect.
Scope: oily skin, spots and other pigment felt like skin.

Second, vibration massage function:
Mechanical vibrations acting on the skin will change to physical vibration, vibration massage can promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, promote skin metabolism and activation of cell movement, vibration massage can eliminate skin fatigue, relax tense skin, so that micro-needle roller acting on the skin more uniform intensity.

Third, the bio-electric energy:
Bio-electric energy, which is very close to the body's biological micro-current, and its main role is to help restore damaged and aging cells to normal, to maintain normal cell metabolism and circulation, improve the ability to repair damaged cells and promote aging of cells gradually Reply to a young man of energy, activate cells, dormant cells active again; accelerated collagen and elastic fibers and collagen fibers, healing ability, to achieve a deep nourish and improve the results.

One. 0.2MM, 0.25MM, 0.3MM fit for the skin too thin, sensitive skin, or redness of skin collagen activate the repair, maintenance and daily skin care routine to help the absorption of nutrients.
Scope: whitening, moisturizing, light spot etc.

Two. 0.3MM and 0.5mm fits Stratum epidermis which can create many microtubules of penetrate cells, then form a high-quality nutrient delivery systems, micro-needle can penetrate to the dermal layer of nutrients, can relieve eye fine lines around the scope of such a thin epidermis, elimination of smallpox in India , sunburn and other effects lasting and reliable.
Scope: skin whitening, Dodge stain, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, bags under the eyes, facial skin tightening and improved.

Three.1.0mm and 1.5mm fits Stratum epidermis which can create many microtubules of penetrate cells, then form a high-quality nutrient delivery systems, micro-needle can penetrate to the dermal layer of nutrients, nutrient uptake capacity of activated fibroblasts. Scope can be whitening, water, enhance facial tissue tightening, treatment of skin, hair loss, acne, hair is thick, scars, uneven and so on.
Scope: for the treatment of deeper wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, weight loss, weight, eliminates tattoos, scars and so on.

Four.1.5mm and 2.0mm
Apply massage to penetrate to the dermal layer, by stimulating the skin's natural healing ability to induce proliferation of natural collagen, a significant effect for the loss of wrinkles, stretch marks and also diminish general scarring, bean pit, scope: reduce the appearance of wrinkles, induce bone collagen, treatment cellulite, stretch marks, such as obesity pattern thickness skin problems.

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