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Photon Meso Roller

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good quality DNS derma rollers for home/ salon use


1. factory wholesale;

2. OEM & ODM is welcome;

3. lower price, quality guarantee.


Handle made of medical used PC, have strong ability of high temperature resistance.

Stainless steel or gold needles for your chioce

OEM orders highly welcome.


Gold needle 192 pcs Medical grade needles. NOT hand glued. NON cracking-Smooth barrell.



Work theory: Microneedle roller contains 192 medical grade silver needles , can be used on any part of your skin.Its application principle is by way of the stimulation the dermis layer of collagen and fibroblast proliferation, because of microneedle stimulation, may remove the wrinkle and the improvement skin texture. By rolling the microneedle roller on the skin, micro punctures and channels are created. Microneedle therapy is regularly rolling on the places which need to cure,accompanying with functional nutrition liquid.It can puncture more than 250,000 micro vessels on the epidermal within five minutes, create an efficient nutrient delivery system in the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue,and then the skin will be more beautiful.



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