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Stainless Needle Derma Roller

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micro needle with vibrating roller / Dermaroller

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Micro-needle roller Introduction:

Micro-needle roller is one of the most convenient and popular household beauty products. There are many tiny needles, which are 192 or 540 medical-used stainless steel needles whose diameter is 0.07-0.2mm. The micro-needle treatment is using many tiny needles on the roller to stimulate skin and make over 200,000 micro pipes in a very short period of time (192 needle type) or 800,000 micro pipes (540 needle type). In this way the active ingredient (leather repair factors Lyophilized, cellular repair cream, etc.) could be infiltrated into skin.
Meanwhile the micro-needles stimulate the dermis. They promote collagen hyperplasia through skin self-healing capability. The effect of the device is comparable with laser plastic surgery. And the side effect of micro-needle technology is extremely low.


Something you should Know first!


TITANIUM is a very expensive material,and the high cost of it has limited the mass-production of titanium micro-needles.Price of one unit of roller made of titanium is hardly below 80.00GBP.


Currently the "so called"titanium needles on the market are simply covered with golden metal film,which will come off easily after several use of the micro-needles.They could also bring harm to human skin.


In comparison,micro-needles we sell are made of MEDICAL LEVEL STAINLESS STEEL,which is the same material of surgical instruments.There is definitely no side effect to our body.In addition,the price of the roller made of this material is widely acceptable for most custimers.To Sum up,compared with titanium needle,our stainless steel micro needle is SAFER,MORE ECONONIC and More Effective.


Method to confrim authenticity of titanium needles: Soak the needles in medical alcohol,and you will find the needle become dark after severaltimes of use if they are not titanium needles.

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