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Derma Stamp

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Derma Stamp Reduces Scars, Wrinkles, Stretch Marks & Cellulite


1. Factory Wholesale;

2. 80 titanium needle;

3. CE.

Derma Stamp Used Recommended By Medical Professionals

The ZGTS Derma stamp just like the Derma Roller is a clinically proven natural treatment that reduces and removes the appearance of acne scars, scarring, wrinkles, large-pores, stretch marks and cellulite in the comfort of your own home. This derma stamp treatment is for removing and reducing acne scars and other forms of severe scarring was first discovered and used by medical professionals in clinics and hospitals more than 30 years ago, and this treatment is known as micro-needling. And then finally became available for home use in recent years.

Remarkable results at an extremely low treatment cost

The remarkable results that the derma stamp treatment gave on reducing and removing acne scars, scarring and wrinkles, without the pain and risks of skin damage that coventional treatments such as laser, derma abrasion and chemical peels can give, caused an exponential increase in its popularity that lead to the at-home-use derma stamp being developed. And today there are a large number of different derma stamp models available online, but only a few are made to the same high medical standards would one of which is the FDA, CE approved Scientia Derma roller, which is the one we recommend.

The approved Derma Stamp is the safer choice

It is important to use an approved Derma stamp which is made to the same high standards and surgical steels as the ones used by the medical professionals in hospitals because using substandard quality derma stamp could cause problems and may not give the desired results it should. So this why we recommend only the approved Scientia Derma Roller or the Scientia Derma Stamp.

What’s the difference between Dermaroller and Derma Stamp?

Both the derma stamp and dermaroller give exactly the same excellent results for reducing and removing the various visible skin defects such as acne scars, scarring, wrinkles, pores, stretch marks, etc. but some customers prefer to use the derma-stamp for less large areas that need to be treated. And the other advantage of the Derma Stamp is that because it has adjustable needle lengths(Auto Derma Micro Needle Stamp), which means this single derma stamp instrument can treat the various types of skin defects as well the varying degrees of severity also. However, if you need to treat a large are of acne scarring, general scarring, stretch marks or cellulite it is recommended to use the dermaroller as this will take less time to perform the treatment.

Below is an interview with a leading micro-needling specialist in Germany who gives an insight into why the dermaroller micro-needling treatment is so good and why it is becoming the preferred treatment in many clinics and hospitals because of the risk-free clinically proven results.

How the Derma Stamp works

The derma stamp works in precisely the same way as the dermaroller by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen within the skin that makes the skin cells firmer more pliable as a result the visible scarring, wrinkles or stretchmarks are smoothened out as the skin cells expand and the skin becomes thicker.
The derma stamp makes thousands of minuscule entries into the skin allow skin care creams and moisturizers to reach the lower layer of the skin which as a results increases there effectiveness by up to 40 times (4000%). So the combination of using the derma-roller with Vitamin C and E rich creams/moisturizers accelerates the scar, wrinkle and stretch mark removal/reductions and maximizes the results.

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