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Photon Meso Roller

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Wholesale LED Microneedling Photon Meso Roller


1.needle material: titanium alloy

2.needle size:0.2mm-3mm

3.540/192/75 needles

4.OEM welcome

5.CE approval

Wholesale LED Microneedling Photon Meso Roller

Do you know, medic roller 1 time shuttle nursing means 4000 times daily beauty care!!


Photon therapy:

 Biological tissues absorb the light energy and transfer light energy into heat and chemical energy, resulting in a series of chain reactions of human body, there are four types: light -induced decomposition, lightnduced oxidation, lightinduced polymerization and lightinduced sensitization. Different wavelength of light have different biological effects:

1.405nm blue light: to eliminate acne inflammation: Antibacterial, anti-inflammator, renewal, inhibit sebum, secretion has anti-aging effects, make the skin soft, smooth, white and charming!

2.633nm red light: high-energy narrow-band, speed up the healing: to make human muscle and skin cells grow 5 times of the normal rate, increase endurance and resistance to fatigue,promote cell metabolism.

3.590nm±5nm Yellow light: will give energy for the skin, improve immunity ability for the skin.

4.560±5nm Green light: is used to relax the skin, let the patient get relaxed from hard work.


5. Effectiveness
1. Stretch marks
2. Acne scar removal
3. Hair restoration
4. Pigment softened
5. Wrinkles removal
6. Cellulite removal
7. Skin texture softened
8. Scars removal
9. Large pore reduced



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