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540 Derma Roller

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540 Stainless Steel Needle Derma Roller

New Style ZGTS derma roller 540 needles microneedle CE fast delivery

Packing: 50 pcs/carton

Derma Roller/Micro-needle Therapy System

Factory Direct Wholesale



 Among the many advantages of The 540 Needles Pores and Skin Roller include:

Dramatically increases effectiveness of hair and skincare. Products through increased penetration.
* Rejuvenates skin, promotes pores and skin elasticity, will increase skin thickness.
* Reduces appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and large pores.
* Stimulates hair growth, improves thinning/balding hair areas.
* Process will not be painful (it’s only a tingling sensation).
* Price effective compared to expensive cosmetic laser treatments.
* FDA-approved technology, based mostly on hundreds of years of acupuncture technology.
* Can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body and scalp.
* Can be used by yourself anytime at your personal convenience.

How is The 540 Needles Skin Roller Superior to Other Rollers?

Extra Needles per Head: The Skin Roller has 540 needles per roller head, in comparison with the standard roller that has less than 200 needles per head. With extra needles, you will have greater penetration in much less time.

Thinner Needle Thickness: The needle thickness is 0.20mm, in comparison with the standard needle thickness of 0.25mm, which means you should have much less discomfort throughout needle therapy.

Needle shape leads to less discomfort: The diamond shape of the 540 Needles Skin Roller leads to less pain compared to the standard round shaped needle of other skin rollers. This is because the thickness of the spherical-shaped needle is twice as large as the diamond shape needle of the Deluxe Roller.



Use methods:


Needle Length



Increased penetration of skin care products into the skin and overall improvement of skin color and texture.


Wrinkles, anti-aging, light acne scarring, mild chicken pox or ice pick scars, also recommended for thinning hair.


Deep stretch marks, cellulite and deep scarring — 1.5mm is also the maximum needle length recommended for use on your face


Deep stretch marks, cellulite and deep scarring — 1.5mm is also the maximum needle length recommended for use on your face


For more severe cases, deep scars and wrinkles, rejuvenation of ruined skin