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Sterilizer Series

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DM-1003 Double Tool Sterilizer Cabinet


1.UV and Ozone disinfection

2.CE certificate

3.ABS material with 10W power

4.double layer

2 Boxs salon tools sterilizer cabinet Au-1002A


Shell Material:ABS

Light Type:UV,Disinfection

Power: 10W            

Au-1002A double cabinet.

Product Size:

                      (B) 43x26x36

Packing Size :

                       (B)  79x44x48    3pcs



    This unit is specially engineered for the sterilization of electrodes, and all other accessories used by the esthetician.Au-1002A Sanitizing Box can fulfill this job with the help of inbuilt UV light tube, within short distance without turnover, together with the UV reflection on both sides & the shining bottom. There will be no high temperature during the process. This product is suitable for hair beauty instruments and small articles such as glass, metal vessel, plastic instrument, etc. It is also used for storage of articles which have been cleared.15 minutes of irradiation in the box can it kill over 99.9% bacterium.


Using steps:

  • Put the tool into the cabinet,adjust the cabinet to a proper position,switch on the power,when the light  becomes purple the disinfection begains.
  • After disinfection turn off the power first,and then take out the tool from cabinet (if the tool must be take out during disinfection,the power must be turned off befor taking the tools out).




    G.W.: 4kg




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