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Numb Cream/Skin Masks

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Silk Facial Masks Facial Roller Treatment


Silk Facial Mask

100% silk facial mask


Product Description

Silk Facial Mask

100% silk facial mask

1) Material: 100% silk nonwoven fabric, available from the silkworm.

2) Feature: 18 kinds of aminophenol essential for human body which can not be produced by human body.

3) Function:
--Promoting the skin cell metabolism availably and deferring skin decrepitude,
--Making the skin become pure white and delicate and wet,
--Curing some maturation skin diseases,
--Cleaning skin thoroughly.

4) Application: Used together with a shiny film helping for better absorbance.

USE: after MTS treatment/derma roller treatment, help repair the damaged skin after MTS operating, promote the metabolism.
Take a mask deposited on the face; away from the eyes and lips. Gently press the mask affixed to clothing; 20 minutes later, trrown off the mask and gently massage; until the remaining essence absorption


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