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mini laser hair removal machines for sale





4.Easy use


A laser hair eliminator is a medical instrument, manufactured on the basis of the scientific research and up-to-date technologies. The 808nm wavelength laser is being used worldwide for hair removal and has been proved to be an average of 80% effective for permanent hair removal by world leading research institutions and Universities. Even if the laser is not emitted directly on hair, it also has a hair removal effect by emitting onto the root of hair through the skin because 808nm wavelength penetrates deep into the root of hair.


For more effective treatment
1. Use any black paper to see if the laser operates normally prior to use. Please check if the paper is burning and confirm the distance that functions with best out-put power between lens and the selected area before use.
2. Shave the area up to nearly clean with 1~2mm of hair left for best results.
This procedure will facilitate adequate destruction of the root of the hair follicles by the laser. Electric hair removal cannot pull the hair out if not grown, but grown hair is obstacle for laser hair removal. Following or one day prior to your treatment, remove the hair with a shaver. But don't pull the hair out because the laser is not effective at the area the hair is pulled out.
3. Let the heat of your skin cool down with a cool towel or ice before and after the treatment as well as during the treatment because the laser generates much heat on your skin during use.
4. You can treat an area by letting the laser emit directly on your hair.
Even if the laser is emitted into the root of hair through the skin, it also penetrates deep into the root of hair and destroys it.
5. Aim the laser as closely as possible as drawing a circle on your skin, not at the end of hair.
6. For the treatment of the regions hard to aim the hair such as armpit, enlist someone's help for your treatment.
7. During the treatment, you can feel some pain - it can be described as the sensation of a "snap" or a "mild stinging"- associated with the high temperatures of the laser. This means the root of hair is successfully destroyed.
8. If there are burned hairs left, they will fall out gradually or you can pull it out with tweezers.
9. Two or three times of sensation of stinging on each hair during a treatment is suitable. Apply the laser at skin pores in turns: Successive laser treatment on the same spot of skin is not recommended.
10. After using it 30 minutes, please take a rest for 5 minutes to protect your skin and the product.
11. The skin may redden after use, but it gradually disappears in a little while.
12. The shorter and coarser hair is better for the best result because the long hair prevents the laser from easily transmitting into the hair root.



Avoid direct exposure of laser to your eyes. After finishing use, keep children away from using it with the power off

FAQ about this machine:
What Areas Can Be Treated?

The most common areas are the face, underarms, legs, chest and back. Almost all parts of the body can be treated, however please avoid using it on the nipple and anal regions, this product is for external use only.
How Many Treatments Are Necessary?
You may require multiple treatments for optimal long term results. The results will differ depending on the area you wish to treat, the hair density and the hair growth`s cycle and color. Usually 3-6 times treatment can gain maximum results.
Side Effects?
Slight reddening and local swelling of the skin, similar to sunburn is normal. These effects typically last up to 1-3 days.
Can It Be Used for Sensitive Skin?
Laser reacts only to dark hair so it doesn't hurt normal color skin.
How long is the Lifetime?
The laser lamp is guaranteed 1,000 hours (about 1800,000 shots), up to 5,000 hours. It can last long time.
How Many Treatments Have to Be Treated A Time?
Each hair root can be zapped no more than 2-3 times in each session. You need to wait 2-3 weeks between sessions and ensure the hair is shaved or clipped a day or 2 before each treatment.


Wavelength: 808nm
Material: ABS etc
Operating voltage: 110V/220V, 60HZ
Power supply: DC 9V

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