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200 Derma Roller

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Factory Wholesale New 200 titanium meso roller/titanium derma roller



-200 needles in total

-roller color for choice: red /yellow/blue/green

-Needle material: titanium

-Body Material:  ABS Plastic

-Special a method of construction by lock-up

-50% improvement of needle's strength than a normal material


Factory Wholesale New 200 titanium meso roller/titanium derma roller 

Sparse needling: Acne / chickenpox scars or individual wrinkles


Make 10 to 20 pricks into the scar/wrinkle with the needle, depending on the size of the scar/wrinkle even more. The pricks should be each in a slightly different place in the scar/wrinkle, and be made under different angles. The approximate pricking depth should be 2 mm.


You may see pinpoint bleeding and it will hurt. If you stretch the skin with your other hand, it will make needle penetration easier. Use a numbing cream or an ice pack to numb the skin. Repeat the procedure every month. Do not use too many pricks per cm².


The principle behind this needling procedure is to induce new collagen to fill the scar.


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