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Derma Pen

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Germany Micro needling pen for skin mesopen BIO dermapen


1Micro Electronic Needle


2Powerful Fat Freezing CryolipolysisZeltiq for Slimming


32012 newest 3D-CELL products House service detector tester.

Germany Micro needling pen for skin mesopen BIO dermapen

Light450 emits a continuous controlled frequency 450 nm, which is used to prevent and reduce pigmentation and improve the complexion.

Light 590 the main role is working in the fibroblast cells, to trigger bio-energy process, regenerate collagen and elasticity production.



High speed mode:900cycles/ min

Low speed mode:412cycles/min

needle tip is interchangeable disposable,

promising safety from infection

It is economical in a long run

Hand-piece is semi-permanent,

only part that needs to be replaced is the needle tip

Cost is less than regular micro rolling needle.


Product specification

Product Name

Medical deveice for derma rejuvenation therapy

Model name


Purpose Of Use


Skin rejuvenation, enhancement, scar reduction, elasticity enhancement, and administration of active ingredients.


Hand-piece:177.5 Mm*34.88mm*34.88mm    



530g (including packaging )


Lithium polymer, 500 Mah


Recharging time:3 hours

Continuous using time 

4 hours

590+450+Microneedle Triple function, more effective, fast rejuvenation


1.Inocative Light Technology in Cosmetics from France.

2.Anti-Wrinkle through Light

3.Anti-Dark Spot Through light

4.Dematology tested

5.One year warranty



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