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Derma Pen

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Electric Auto Derma pen Mesopen with Beaty Bar


1.Disposable needle head

2.Adjustable length and speed

3.CE Approved

Electric Auto Derma pen Mesopen with Beaty Bar

Product description:

Instrument weight: 122g

Power supply Weight: 30g

Head Weight : 3g

Packaging weight 523g

Packing size: 25.5cm * 20.5cm * 9cm

Total product weight: 675g


Product Features:

Speed can be controlled (number speed conversion)

One multi-use (derma pen and beauty bar are perfect combination)

Pre-filled (one charge can be used as long as 6 hours, computer rechargeable, rechargeable power supply 100v-240v charging ,Po rechargeable)

Can be equipped with 9 pin,12 pin replaceable needle


Product advantages:

1: Speed can be controlled (digital speed conversion)

2: a multifunctional pen  (derma pen and beauty bar perfect combination)

3: prefilled (one charge can work continuously for 6 hours, computer charging,

Power 100v-240v charging, Po rechargeable charging)

4: exquisite appearance, using curves as elements, very pretty and charming demeanor revealed, the product is beautiful and charming, generous.

5: can match PC painless needle, nanocrystalline patch, 12 needle



Product using description:

Derma pen charging port at the head assembly


Power switch

Press switch for 3 seconds, the derma pen stops working


Charge Indicator

When the charging power supply connection, the indicator is green,

After charging is completed, the indicator itself out

Charging port connection


Beauty bar is working

When a significant number is 1,the Beauty bar starts working please demolished

Derma pen heads (reduces noise)



Digital display

0 representatives of the standby state

1 represents the low frequency

2 representatives of high frequency

-1 represents beauty bar starts working

The first ring adjustable numerical

The second adjustable numerical

The third adjustable numerical

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