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Vibration LED Derma Roller

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Professional Skin Roller Manufacturer, BIO Derma Roller for Body Use


1).4 Photon Derma roller

2).10 different sizes

3).replaceable heads

4).Medical needle

5).OEM welcome CE approval

Professional Skin Roller Manufacturer, BIO Derma Roller for Body Use

Photodynamic Treatment Theory:
Micro-needle therapy: Micro needle therapy use natural way to increase the production of collagen with little injury to the skin. It has good effect in treating the wrinkles, pigmentation, improving your complexion and promoting skin elasticity.
Photon therapy Theory: Biological tissue of human body can absorb light and convert which can lead to a series of chemical reactions—photo decomposition, photo oxidation, photo polymerization, photo sensitization. Different wave length has different fuctions.
405 nm blue light: it is mainly for acne and inflammation skin with fuctions of antibiosis, anti-inflammatory, refraining excessive sebum secretion, making skin smooth and glossy.
633 nm red light: it can help to heal up the invasive skin. The growth of muscle and skin cell is 5 times normal growth speed, improving organism resistance and metabolism.
560nm green light: it is used to relax the skin
590nm yellow light:it gives energy to the skin,improve immunity ability for the skin
The light can be absorbed by cell chondriosome and lead to enzymatic reaction.

What is a micro-needle technology

Transdermal drug delivery is limited by the extraordinary barrier properties of the stratum corneum, the outer 10-15 mm of skin. Conventional needles inserted across this barrier and into deeper tissue effectively deliver drug, but can lead to infection and cause pain, thereby reducing patient compliance.


We're Professional Needle Derma Roller Manufacturer in China, can help make OEM and ODM.



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