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Seamless Derma Roller

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microneedle roller medic roller


1. 192 titanium alloy derma roller;

2. CE certificate;

3. factory wholesale;

3. only have 0.5mm in store, other size need to make.


microneedle roller medic roller

What is a micro-needle technology

Transdermal drug delivery is limited by the extraordinary barrier properties of the stratum corneum, the outer 10-15 mm of skin. Conventional needles inserted across this barrier and into deeper tissue effectively deliver drug, but can lead to infection and cause pain, thereby reducing patient compliance.


What is Seamless Derma Roller?


Derma roller is composed of handle and roller. For the roller part, traditional derma roller has seam between each line. This case the essence run off when operation. Compare with the micro needle, essence is cost expensive, 5ml-10ml of essence, it may only can be used into your skin 50% of it.


Consider of this, now our factory have a new concept for derma roller, seamless derma roller, which means no seam in the roller head. So 98% of the essence can be completely assimilated.


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