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Numb Cream/Skin Masks

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speed cooling cream for tattoo


elma numb cream

specification: 30g


speed cooling cream for tattoo


Emla is the world's most widely used anesthetic agent, over 200 million people have effectively treated with the cream to achieve fantastic results. For well over 2 decades, Emla have been used to numb the surface of the skin in preparation for procedures including needle insertions, blood tests and minor surgical procedures e.g. the removal of skin cancers and warts. It can now also be used to minimize the pain associated with vaccinations (immunizations), and minor superficial cosmetic procedures e.g. laser hair removal, waxing, dermabrasion, tattooing, piercing etc.



6% lidocaine


Useing mothed

put it on face for about one hours, then the anesthetic effect  is good. The effect can continue about 3-4 hours.

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