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540 Derma Roller

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DNS 540 Cooling Derma Roller Metal Head with Newest Design


1. 540 stainless needle;

2. new handle and packing design;

3. Sterilized method:Ultraviolet Disinfection

4. Metal roller head;

5. with cooling and relax skin function.

6. CE

The DNS Classic 8-Line
Conventional methods of skin nourishment feeds only the upper layer of our epidermal. The effects are often slow working and insignificant as the average absorption level of our skin only reaches a mere 0.3%. As a result, the expensive lotion or serum that are mostly wasted. To maximize the absorption process, skin scientists developed the technique of Derma Needling Therapy to effectively increase the penetration of nutrients by producing microscopic punctures to our derma. The minute opening will facilitate the inflow of the applied lotion, thus allowing our lower derma to directly soak up the precious nutrients. In addition to the enhanced nourishment, the treatment also stimulates a self healing process which triggers our skin cells to produce high doses of collagen to construct firmer and younger looking skin.

The simple and elegantly designed DNS Classic 8-Line Roller is the original Derma Needling System introduced by bioGenesis London. This simple roller is one of most commonly used tool for performing the micro needling therapy. Its refined titanium alloy needles are smaller in radius and shaper at the tip, allowing more accurate and refined punctures that enhances the result of the treatment.

As an 8-Line roller, the DNS Classic 8-Line is embedded with 200 individual needles, offering the basic necessity for performing the micro needling treatment. Its ergonomic handle design also optimizes the pressure applied, improving the overall achievable result.


The New Design Handle make whole operation more smooth and easy.