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Sterilizer Series

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360 Needles Body Roller Stretch Mark Remove


Effectiveness after used micro-needle roller

Stretch marks

Acne scar removal

Hair restoration

Pigment softened

Wrinkles removal

Cellulite removal

Skin texture softened

Scars removal

Large pore reduced

360 Needles Body Roller Stretch Mark Remove



1.Cellulite Reduction

2.Wrinkle Removal

3.Relax Scars

4.Improve depressed Acne Scaring

5.Improve the appearance of strech marks

6.Improve Skin Texture


About MRS Magic Dermal Roller
Dermal roller is a unique rolling device for the transdermal delivery of substances that enhances the action of facial Meso-therapy of Collagen Induction-therapy with so-called Skin Micro-Needling through micro-channels,stimulating the skin to produce new collagen,thereby reducing wrinkles and improve skin texture.


The Skin Micro-Needling with 192 stainless steel micro-needles creates dermal damage without the removal of the healthy epidermis,which happens with other resurfacing techniques.


As the epidermis is left intact,the healing period is rapid providing for maxinum effectiveness,while stimulating the skin's natural renewal process.


1.Far Less Invasive

2.Quick Recover Time

3.Lower risk of complications

4.All Skin Types can be treated

5.No risk of permanent structural damage

6.No Sun sensitivity after the treatment

7.No skin color loss or hyper-pigmentation after the treatment

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