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Portable Hair and Skin Analysis Digital Microscope Skin Tester for Gift and Promotion Product


100 pcs/box,11kg

The display precision of model SK-III  0.1%

Range: 0-99.9%

Size; 170X30X24 mm

Weight: 58g

Power supply; 3V

Work current: 2.5mA

Close the power failure flows0.1A


Mutually size: 500X210X360 carton box 


Portable Hair and Skin Analysis Digital Microscope Skin Tester for Gift and Promotion Product

Pink and White for choose

The nutrition of skin is stored in the moisture in the form of dissociation and chemical combinations. It is the foundation of keeping youth and health, Beauty lovers should take care of her skin according to the the content of moisture in skin.


A)    the meaning of the technology and well nursing by using the digital skin moisture monitor. With the development of technology, many kinds of the high-quality cosmetics by different companies, but large number of instrument also take a very important role in skin nursing. Testing moisture and nutrition of our skin is indispensable step in in nursing our skin, the meaning and functions are as follow:

1)    The level and of moisture contained in skin can be displayed in digitals in LCD, the user will have clear recompilation of their skin.

2)    Fragment according to the result of test, complementing moisture in time, particularly when the data is lower than standard, it is valid in delaying cosenescence.

3)    Help to choose appropriate cosmetics for you.

4)    The idea of quantity has already gone deep into public, people who pursue perfect would be fussy about all details to their own skin, but just right is perfect.

B)    characteristics of Digital Skin Moisture Monitor.

Our company adopts the advanced body creature sensor technology in the world on this monitor, which dedicated to millions of beauty-person and workers who engage in the fine nursing. The following characteristics are included:

1)    The parameter which measured is comprehensive nutrition moisture rate

2)    High accuracy: exactly with most monitor in the world.

3)    Smart and portable: a pen size, most disguises wrap can pack it

4)    Simple operation: Only simple switch and reset when using it, shut down automatically.

5)    Strong guidance: Show the normal value of typical part in the form of diagram, easy to nursing.

6)    Safe: testing head can be disinfected with alcohol while finish or using with different people, avoid to infection of skin disease.

C)    Service object of monitor

1)    Precise instrument of beauty salon. Testing the nutrition and moisture which contained in our skin before and after skin nursing, guide the skin nursing and satisfied the customer with the data, It is also a good assistant of skin nursing.

2)    Sales promotion assistant of cosmetics enterprise: A perfect gift to customer together with selling products.

3)    Cosmetics counter has the tool of conviction most: lead to buy member and customer interactive, the number variety is the certificate of nursing effect.

4)    The daily life at home travel essential article: the pain, breeze of the variety, travel of busy work, weather blows of insulation, skin of the nourishment moisture all will quickly consume, woll make skin rough and born ores, usually test in time and nursing will become a good habitually of nursing to make your skin moisture and looks more beautiful.

5)    The modern female’s KU wraps to lately spoil: The radiations of cellular phone and computer display, the long time makes the nourishment moisture of face and hand skin consume in the air condition and usually test in time a nursing to make your cancellation tired, flabby skin. Be full of self-confidence but skilled in making oneself look youthful.

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